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Introduction: Plant Pots Cardboard With Light

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hi everyone.. first, I'm sorry if my english is bad, at this time I will share a tutorial how to make plant pots that can glow using old cardboard. This project is suitable for you who live in urban areas and would like to have a garden without having to use large tracts of land and plenty of water.

Besides placed in the garden, this craft is also suitable to be placed in the bedroom or for decoration in the living room, even in the workbench because it is light and easy to move.

How to make it not too difficult, just requires a little diligence and skill in cutting.

And sorry i am not good at writing, so most instructions only in pictures with explanations on it.

Let's start making ...

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools :

  • Cutter
  • Chop saw or Grinder (optional)

You can use cutter to cut the cardboard, but it will be more convenient and neat if you're using chop saw or grinder.

Materials :

  • 150 cm tube cardboard
  • 20 x 45 cm cardboard
  • 2 LED bulbs
  • Power supply
  • Cable
  • 3 plastic glass
  • Large plastic glass
  • Glue
  • Tape

I only use two LED bulbs, for the lighter result you can use more than two.

Step 2: Cutting Tube Cardboard

To get the exact same results, you can follow the instructions of sizes and degree cuts in the image. But if you want different results, you can use your own size and degree cuts. Be sure to give the numbering on each result of cuts to make it easier to assemble.

The result of the cuts will be used to make pots, fish tank holder, pot ring and table legs.

Step 3: Make Pots More Realistic

To make the pot more realistic, we will add a ring on the top of the pot. For how to cut and assemble, please see the picture .

Step 4: Making Light Holes

Because we will install LED bulbs on inside tube cardboard, then we need to make some holes for light to get out of cardboard. The patterns can be same with or can use your own creations. Keep in mind, be sure to cut only half of it, if more than half of it can cause damage to the cardboard.

See picture for example..

Step 5: Installing LED Bulbs

In this step and the next step you should at least have basic electrical skills. If does not, please ask friend or lamp seller.

Using glue, attach the LED bulbs on inside cardboard and then connect with longer cable.

Step 6: Making Pots

See the numbers in order to avoid mistakes in assembling.

Sort according to the number and use glue to connect the parts. Do not forget to pull out cable from inside cardboard.

Step 7: Plant Pots Table

  • Stick all table legs on 20 x 45 cm cardboard using glue
  • Make two holes for cable lines.
  • Stick power supply at the center of cardboard.

Step 8: Electrical

Before assembling pots with table, pull out the cable from pots to bottom of table trough the hole. Then, connect with power supply. Do not forget to ask friend or lamp seller if you cant connecting that wiring.

See pictures for more details.

Step 9: Assembling Pots With Table

This step is easy, put the pots over holes and then stick it with glue. Also stick mini pots and fishtank holder too.

Step 10: Making Inner Pots

Congratulations.. This is the last step in this tutorial. Before entering the soil and plants in pots, make sure you make the inner pots first. With the inner pots, cardboard would remain in clean and dry conditions, so this craft more durable and long lasting.

Please see the picture for how to create and how to put it.

Note : Make sure the diameter of glass has the same size as the diameter of tube cardboard. If the diameter of glass is smaller, it can cause inner pots fall into cardboard pits. If this happens it will be difficult to get them back.

Thanks for following this tutorial, if you have questions or suggestions please comment.

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    4 years ago

    nice! keep the good workup! :)

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Awesome looking planters. How well would these hold up in the weather outside?


    Reply 4 years ago

    you can use wax to make cardboard become water resistant.