Arduino - Plant Watering System With TFT LCD Weather Station Monitor

Introduction: Arduino - Plant Watering System With TFT LCD Weather Station Monitor

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Hi peepz, I created a Prototype Plant watering system with weather station on a TFT LCD for indoor growing.

Of Course you can build it to use it outdoors to.

This projects works but is just the basis for a bigger project... from here you can add some

Solenoid electric magnetic valves, pumps.. or whatever you want to use to water the plants.

I would go for the valves, i am pretty new to arduino and electronics but i am not new to hacking so i know codes.

This code is not really super and needs some more work and some fixes as well as the whole project, but i leave that to the public, i build the heart, and the interface. If you build it like the schematic and upload the code it will work right away.

There is also a real time clock and date. If you build something from it please share it in the comments.

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Step 1: Parts List, Schematic, Fritzing File, and Code.


  • Arduino Mega 2560
  • 6 Channel Relay or 6 pieces of 1 Channel relays.
  • 6 Soil Moisture sensors
  • 2.4 inch TFT LCD SPFD5408
  • DS1302 Real Time Clock Module
  • DHT11 Temperature & Humidity sensor.
  • USB Cable
  • a set of 120 Jumper wires MF/FF/MM

The Schematic is a little bit Messy but Should not be to hard to figure out.

The code and project needs some more work, but the basics that you need to begin with it are there.

Good luck!

There is a English and Dutch Code.

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