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I posted an instructable before on a cheap way of making desktop plants. The idea was to keep the roots visible.
I was not sure how long the plants were going to last so I didn't post another one. turns out that the plants are still alive. They are on a slow growth mode... 

This instructable is about the same idea of watching things grow but this time, it will be more measurable and more visible.

The images are self explainatory. Hope you enjoy it!

The last image is not of the plant growing out of the syringe. In that particular syringe, I had planted a chilly seed sprout. The image shows the growth of the roots. the plant has had just two leaves since about a month now. Usually it grows about 5 to 6 inches in that much time. 

And anyone who tries it, please tell me your story about it! I'd like to hear it. Need to try something different, do let me know!

Please share this. please improvise, improve and make it free for everyone!



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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    They were lying around in my closet since years. Got them from a local chemist.