Introduction: PlantGrafting

Plant Grafting is the horticultural technique of mending two plants together so as to continue their growth. In this Instructable we will show you the steps needed to Graft two vegetable plants and the equipment you'll need to do it.

Step 1: What You'll Need.

In order to graft a plant you'll need two plants (of the same species), a razor blade, tape, and alcohol wipes,a plastic bag, a rubber band, and a place to work. Determine which plant will be used as the scion (top), and which plant will be used as the rootstock (bottom). The sturdier of the two should be used as the rootstock. Select stems from the two plants that are the same diameter, or as close as possible. *This is important for the procedure to work properly*.

Step 2: Cut the Top Stem Using the Razor Blade.

Sterilize the razor blade with an alcohol wipe. This reduces the risk of infection of the plant tissue. Use the sterilized razor blade or similar cutting tool to cut the scion (top) of the first plant, about ¾ of the way down, near the soil.

Step 3: Remove Extra Leaves

Remove extra leaves using the razorblade, keeping one or two of the largest leaves near the top, and the upper tip (apical meristem) intact. You’ll want to cut the leaves off where they meet the stem. Discard extra leaves

Step 4: Make the Top Plant Into a Pointed End.

Trim the tip of the freshly cut scion to make a wedge, exposing the inner tissue.

Step 5: Cut Your Bottom Plant and Make an Incision for the Top Plant

Cut the stem of the second plant (rootstock) about half way down, below the lowest leaf. Make sure to cut the stem straight across, not at an angle. Discard the top of this plant. Make an incision straight down the center of the newly cut rootstock, only long enough for the tip of the scion to be inserted.

Step 6: Insert the Pointed Edge of the Top Plant Into the Incision on the Bottom Plant.

Gently pinch the rootstock, opening the incision. Insert the wedged tip of the scion into the incision of the rootstock. *Be careful not to push down too hard and further damage the plant tissue*.

Step 7: Use the Tape to Bind the Two Plants Together

Stretch the Parafilm grafting tape gently to activate self-adhesive properties. Wrap the Parafilm around the insertion site. You’ll need to wrap it around multiple times so the plant can stand upright unaided. You may need help with this step if the scion needs to be held in place. *The parafilm grafting tape only connects to itself*

Step 8: Wrap Your Plant in a Plastic Bag.

Open your plastic bag, and gently place around the plant. Loosely tie off the plastic bag at the soil. The plastic bag reduces the chance of the plant being able to transpire.

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    4 Discussions


    Question 2 years ago on Step 8

    How long a grafted plant should stay in plastic bag?


    2 years ago

    What trees are easy to graft in uk Scotland


    2 years ago

    Finally, a easy tot follow tutorial.
    I did a graft once (lemon lime) and it only successfully started to grow a year ago. I had to leave it behind when I moved. Dis is so much simpler than the method I was using.
    Thank you. Thumbs up

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Great tutorial. Do you know of anywhere that I could find a list of plants that are easy to graft?