Planta to Get Ride of Insectos and Parasites.




Introduction: Planta to Get Ride of Insectos and Parasites.

this are some of the most comon plants in América that can help fight insectos and parasites

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Step 1: Tansy

this planta is very como to find in the USA one can identefidem for its erect dark green stem up to 3 feet high and yellow petals that grows un clumps.
The dried leaves are an effective insect repellent.

Step 2: Big Sagebrush

this is a como planta un México and south of USA.a woody evergreen shrub, typicaly 2-10 feet tall with wedge-shaped leaves, about 1 inch long.
it contains a a volatile oil that can be used as a bug repellent.

Step 3: Catnip

catnip is a great mosquito deterrent! In fact catnip is 10 times more effective than DEET, the ingredient commonly found in bug repellents

Step 4: Lavander

its a purple planta that has mosquito repelente scent, just need to planta it and it will make moskitos go

Step 5: Male Fern

grows from a creeping underground steam ( rhizome ), it has feathery través ( fronds) 15 to 30 inches long.
A tea of the rhizome is comonly used to expell tapeworms. the rhizome contains oleoresin witch causes the worm to loose his grip, a personas is plase in a fat Free diet fot 2 or 3 days and then drinks the tea, after a few minutes take a laxative to expel the worm from the body.

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