Planter Box




Planter box made from recycled wood.

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Step 1: of 5

Cut four pieces of wood at 6" x 12"

Cut four pieces of wood at 6" x 10-1/2"

Step 2: Of 5

Use screws to put at the end of each piece to make a box

Repeat step 2 times

Step 3: Of 5

Cut four pieces of wood at 4” x 12” to allow the two boxes to be stacked

Place the pieces inside the box

Step 4: Of 5

Then screw the tops and ends of the slim pieces of wood to lock the boxes in place

Step 5: Of 5

Cut two pieces at 4” x 12”

Cut two pieces at 4”x 10-1/2”

Stagger the pieces with 2” hanging o the edge to form the top part of the box



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    3 years ago

    Your planter box looks great! Thanks for sharing the instructions on how to make it :)