Planter Box for Free




assembled planter box for chicken coop with wire grate to stop them scratching out greens but can still eat

Step 1: Pallet Deconstruction

be safe and use hammer and pry bar to remove pallet boards keep nails in the boards

Step 2: Reconstruct Pallet

use hammer to straighten nails if bent then proceed to connect all four corners so that each corner is nailed and braced against the other to form a square

Step 3: Plant

hopefully the square should be strong enough to hold some dirt and chicken poo for fertilizer. I stacked two squares of pallets but any number would do depending on how much dirt and how high you want it .throw some seed in water then wait

Step 4: Frame for Chicken Wire

same principle as before but instead of nailing side on I nailed them flat to each other with chicken wire sandwiched between boards

Step 5: Happy Chickens

free ranging now make me some eggs



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    Reply 2 years ago

    Thankyou I like your work!