Planter Made From Used Coconut

Introduction: Planter Made From Used Coconut

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India ( Asian countries) have ample coconuts. Mostly used for the sweet tender flesh inside. Some are dried husked and used for longer storage. We buy them in bulk and use them for eating, scrapping, using the milk for cooking and many more. But the shells are scrapped. I personally store and use them in barbecues. Got this new use of the shells.

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Step 1: Materials

2 coconut shells with holes (drilled holes also work).

Good size nut and bolt

2 washers.

Step 2: How to Make

Use the nut, bolt and washer to attach them as shown in picture.

Irregularity of the shell is helpful for water outlet.

Step 3: Almost Done

Adjust the shells to make them as vertical as possible.

Fill them with earth and you are done.

Start planting.

Step 4: What to Plant.

I have planted some mint from my mint garden.

You can use money plants, flowering plants, herbs and many more things that have shorter roots.

Happy growing.

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