Planting a Blue Berry Bush

Introduction: Planting a Blue Berry Bush

Blue Berries are a great treat, and used in many different receipts. Nothing beats some fresh grown ones.

Here is an instructable that will put you on the right track for growing your own.

You will need:

Blue berry bushes



Optional: John deere 2210 with 3pt tiller

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Step 1: Prepare Your Ground

Start by making the ground ready for the bushes.

Each plant should be spaced 5 to 7 feet apart.

Use a 3pt tiller or hand tiller to plow a plot of ground in the location the bushes are to be planted.

Step 2: Mix in Some Compost for Nutrient Value

Add some compost to the tilled area.

Use the tiller to mix it in. Be careful not to have too much clumped compost. If compost is not properly mixed it can cause the roots to burn up killing the plant.

Step 3: Dig the Hole for Planting

With a shovel dig a whole in the area the bush is to be planted.

The hole should be deep enough to insert the root ball deep enough to leave the root ball 2 inches above the surrounding soil surface.

Step 4: Plant the Bush

Place the bush into the hole, and begin to pack the soil around the root ball.

The packed soil should keep the plant raised above the surrounding soil as the compost will break down over time. This will cause the plant to sink even with the rest of the soil.

Water the plant regularly.

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