Plants Vs. Zombies

My boys love playing the "plants vs. zombies" video game so I decided to make their costumes.
For the Zombie: I paper mached a 12" balloon and added dimension by using newspaper and masking tape. I painted with acrylic paint and cut out holes for the eyes and mouth. I used styrofoam balls for the eyes and carved out some teeth out of some more styrofoam which I then covered in masking tape and painted. For the cone I used foam sheets sold at craft stores. I raided my husband's closet and took an old shirt and tie and glued the collar and tie to the neck base. To complete the costume, I found and old jacket and ripped up jeans.
For the Pea shooter: I paper mached a 9" balloon and painted with acrylic paint. I glued black buttons for the eyes and used wire and a foam ball to have it come out of its mouth. In order to have my two year old as comfortable as possible, I sewed a head piece out of felt and glued the pea shooter on top.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    OOOOHHHH i love that game, its sooo fun. and those are some really,really really good costumes i could never do that