Plasma Cutter Idea

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You have probably noticed that the circular cutting of iron plate is very frequent in our manufactures and all the manufactures in general. This thought led us to our next creation.

We designed and made a tool, where the plasma cutter could be placed and revolved. In this way, our electrical protractor revolves and supported by the plasma cutter cuts the material in circles, rings in the size that we have chosen.

Step 1: Electromagnet

This remarkable tool uses an electromagnet of 12 volts that is capable to lift 100 kg in order to ensure the tool’s stability on the iron plate. Therefore, our tool remains stable on the iron plate and a caliper revolves around the stable magnet with the motor’s help.

Step 2: Switches

The head of the plasma cutter is placed on the caliper having the distance that we want. Our particular tool moves both forward and backward so that the cables won’t be tangled. Consequently, when all the switches are ON this tool is automatically activated and it revolves removing the part that we want.

Step 3: Video

Most importantly, it is relatively cheap for its capabilities and the help that it provides. According to the size that we have chosen to cut our circles, we set the ampers of our tool accordingly. Our manufacture is able to cut a material in circles of 10cm diameter to 100 cm! Finally, having this tool in our hands gives us the opportunity to make a fast and a very accurate cutting.



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    Question 10 months ago on Introduction

    Kaliper motorunuzun hızı nedir. KTHYZ 60


    2 years ago

    Of course I do not own a plasma cutter. But I admire your craftsmanship. You use a drill free hand (through the screw!!!) where others here would have used at least a CNC, a laser cutter and a 3D printer (and probably you have access to all that as can be estimated from the lathe and, of course, the plasma cutter).


    2 years ago

    This is awesome!