Plasma Cutter Shamrock

This is a simple project using:

16 gauge scrap

Plasma Cutter

MIG welder

I made this at techshop Detroit

Step 1: Scrap Steel

For this i just found some scrap in the scrap bin, nothing special. This just happened to be 16 gauge steel.

Step 2: Plasma Cutter

Using the TechShop plasma cutter. Remember to turn on the air. You will have to tune the plasma cutter to the right power depending on the steel you are using. Use a test piece first.

Step 3: Cutting

I didn't use a guide or a drawing to go off of. I did this one free hand. I don't mind the rough cut line and edges.

Step 4: MIG Weld

For 16 gauge the settings are:

- Wire Speed at 190

- Voltage at 16

Step 5: Piece Together

Whichever way looks good. There is no science to a project like this.

Step 6: Weld

I just tacked it in place and then made sure nothing fell apart when I picked it up.

All Done!



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