Plasma Motor!


Introduction: Plasma Motor!

LOL it may sound weird but i did make a plasma motor using a think geek plasma mug, and a neodymium magnet. And the best part is that you DON'T HAVE TO DESTROY ANY OF YOUR GOODIES!

heres a video of it in action.

Step 1: Parts or Uh Stuff You Need

Well you'll need these things which can (for the most part) be obtained by think geek:

Plasma mug: uhh i think its discontinued

Curiously Strong Magnets:
get the larger sized magnets ( i used my own magnet it was stronger)

An altiods tin : can't get it from Think Geek

Step 2: Assembly

Put a magnet cube on the bottom of the altoids tin
Put the tin on top of the mug
put the mug on the coster
turn it on


Nothing, if it looks like an orange blur you did it, this is because its spinning so fast it becomes a POV effect and we can no longer see the towers of plasma.

Sorry i can't scan a picture while its running and i have no camera.

Step 4: Fun Time!

Now that it works lets do some fun expirments.

1) put your finger on the side of the glass, it will stop spinning. moving your finger up and down will allow you to adjust it and start it up again at a slower rate.

2) Put your finger on the altoids tin, it stops spinning right?

3) Slow it down, to do this lift the tin upward slowing notice how it slows down and ultimately stops.

Step 5: Safety




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    nope on order to do this u need 2 lines of plasma, plasma globeshave many and are irratic and non ersitant, although your welcome to try

    actually thats not entirely true. If and7barton was able to put the ND magnet in the center, where the plasma was being eminated the plasma would then spin. This happens because the plasma's electric currents get caught in the magnet's electrical field's eddy currents. (eddy currents are perpendicular to magnetic field lines) this induces a high velocity rotation depending on strength of the magnet and plasma distance from the magnet.

    Hmm, in theory it might work, but the magnet would conduct electricity with the plasma, lower quality and producing an electromagnetic field, rendering the effect useless =)

    Without any pictures or video we just have your word that something happens. Can you post some pictures of your own?

    you fail to mention what this coaster is in the list of tools/items needed. what is this coaster and what does it do, in the meanwhile, good ible

    2 replies

    Hey i should've mentioned this, but the mug is a set with the coaster, if you buy the mug it comes with a coaster. You put the mug ( which is filled with, argon and neon) on the coaster it puts high voltage through the cup and makes the gas ionize and create the plasma inside.

    Tip: don't type "uhh" or "uh." It seems very unprofessional. Also, I know you don't have a camera, but a video would be cool.

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    That's a pretty cool gadget; too bad it's discontinued. What do you think would happen if you microwaved it? Would it light up, or explode?

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