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Yep, in that little beaten up little garden shed, that is where I build some of my most amazing projects, the plasma speaker, marx generator, tiny shocker, and so on. The reason my workshop is so messy is because from all of my times of collecting free stuff from skips or dumpsters, (Thank you to all of you dumb people for throwing out great stuff in the trash for me to pick up! :-)

And all of the pictures you see, it is only just like 50% of my shed shown.



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    nice workshop you are really good at this in Electronics and that its really good..

    Nice workshop, you seem to have everything and it is all close to hand.

    Thanks for showing us.

    It's extremely cool dude.. wish i had one like that.. and getting stuff from dump and building extrordinary gadjets is really cool..

    I was wondering the same thing... and they say Americans are wasteful XD

    Ah...electric pianos. I found one in the trash once, those things have enough resistors to supply a small army. (That is, if the military had a use for resistors.)

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    Wow palsmana your work shop is massive compaired to mine. mine is just a converted computer desk with shelvs, a tall drawer thinf and some old boxes to orginise my bigger stuff. :)

    Picture 007.jpg
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    wow if you think thats considered clean then you should see it now! its basically spotless compared to what's in the picture. I guess since I tend to loose things all the time I like to keep my workspace neat so its easier to find those small parts.

    You tend to loose stuff? Well, wait until you get a lot of stuff like I have! :-)

    wow that would be nice to have all that now but I can't imagine the mess I'd make. mabe ill have to move my workshop into my shed like you. problem is id have to find a place for all the stuff in our shed right now. also it would get kinda cold in the winter. is your shed connected to your houses heating or do you keep some sort of heater in there?

    I am not allowed to have a heater one in my workshop my dad says, because the electric bill is very high at the moment.. He said I could pay him using electric for the heater, but I have no money.. :-(

    Hehe... I'm 12 and im just like you... Except my stuff just kinda lies around in a big pile...

    Maybe you can make a website and sell some fancy stuff eg. plasma speakers plasma globes arc thingies ultra-flexible-cable soldering irons... The possibilities are endless... Probably...