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Here it is, the final version and high-res display of my newest creation: Plasmashock, the NES Zapper pistol / Transformers ultimate geeky crossover!

For its transformation mechanism, I built it more similar to Megatron rather than Shockwave; both Transformers used their gun handles as legs, only Shockwave formed his arms to make the barrel, whilst Megatron's arms formed the stock, and his barrel was a separate attachment (which became his fusion cannon in robot mode). Henceforth, when Plasmashock transforms into robot mode, the orange Zapper barrel becomes his side gun!

Some original Transformers (notably Starscream/Skywarp/Thundercracker) would only transform as toys by removing/adding multiple pieces, such as fists and landing gear, whilst others could easily switch back and forth by folding joints. Plasmashock does both; to go from gun to robot, his trigger becomes removed and attached to his head to make face decorations, and the barrel of course separates to make the side gun. Otherwise, the legs fold from the gun handle, the arms are made from the stock, the head rotates and rests inside the chest.

-Baron von Brunk

P.S. - Currently I'm developing a transforming GameBoy that greatly resembles Soundwave, and even includes a miniature transforming Tetris cartridge as a robot companion! Stay tuned, loyal Brunkamaniacs.

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8 months ago

I figured out how this was made except for the head and how the torso was put together. Also LDD doesn't like Technic pins put in the bottom of bricks.


4 years ago on Introduction

so it has been a couple of years since I visited this site. Am I missing something where I cannot find the actual instructions on how to make this? Isn't that the point of Instructables is to provide...well...instructions. Otherwise this is just another form of Pinterest.


5 years ago

this kinda resembles megatron

I actually just finished building his nemesis -- a giant Decepticon SEGA Game Gear with Sonic games! I'm currently applying the custom decals as we speak, and hopefully the main photo shoot will be ready by tonight.

Here's my Facebook fan page for all of my LEGO updates: - feel free to like it and take a gander at what I'm cranking out!