Plaster or Parris 'I Miss You' Heart

Introduction: Plaster or Parris 'I Miss You' Heart

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I made this as a 'spur-of-the-moment' thing. Its also my first ever Instructable, so bare with me. My boyfriend is going to college soon, so I wanted to give him something to let him remember that I'm thinking of him and i love him. Hope someone else finds it useful =)

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Step 1: You Will Need:

This is what you will need for this Instructable:

A bag of plaster of parris
Spatula/spoon (I cheated with a combined one)
Paints of your choice (personal advice would be red, black and gold)
Paint brush
Bit or card or thick paper
Bowl of water
Biro or needle
Heart Shaped cookie mold
Small box to contain any mess and hold the shape
Some form of base to stop the plaster getting everywhere(plastic bags are a good option)

Step 2: Mixing the Plaster

OK, I didn't accurately measure this plaster but I judged it by the thickness of the plaster. Roughly, you'd need about 300ml of water to 250g of plaster of parris. Obviously, increase or decrease the measurements to fit the size of your mold.

Step 3: Bending the Card and Placing It Into the Mold

This part is the easiest to do, but the most difficult to maintain. Fold your paper or card into a zig-zag, making sure that the card is thick and sturdy. When you place the plaster into the mold, there is the chance of the paper turning to a soggy mess in the middle of your plaster. However, I was able to make the paper thick enough so that it remained intact and in place.

Once youve done that you can now fix the zig-zagged paper/card into place. Put the mold in your small container to prevent any excess plaster escaping.

(Tip: make sure the box has NOT got a crack in it as I soon found out)

Step 4: Filling the Mold

Ok this is pretty straight forward. Fill your mold and container with the plaster. Be sure that the mold is not completely submerged or you will have difficulty getting the heart out and it is more likely to shatter.

Step 5: Practise Your Painting While the Plaster Dries

Its also advisable that when you're waiting for the plaster to dry you practise some simple paint-writing skills. (i.e writing your name)
As you can see in the image, I wrote, mine and my boyfriends name in gold, did a couple of personal messages in the black and tested the red.
Remeber, that you will be painting in what youve engraved into the dried plaster so try and keep it simple, but effective.

Step 6: Getting It Out

I cheated on this bit to. Before the plaster is 100% dry, i began scraping out the excess plaster of the container. Once all the plaster from around the edges of the mold has been removed your actual mold can be easily removed from the container.

Step 7: Engraving

(The image is terrible, sorry)
With a biro pen or needle, engrave your name onto one side of the dried heart and your lovers name onto the other. Make sure it is placed properly or you will have to start again.

Then, turn your heart over and engrave a personal message. You can see Ive used 'Together Forever' with one word on each side of the heart..

Step 8: Painting

This is possibly the most easiest and most intricate part. Where you've engraved the names, finely paint them the indentations gold. This may take a while and to be sure I was a 100% happy with it, I did two coats.

Now paint the actual heart red. Try your best to avoid the gold writing as you will have a reddy/golden effect that looks quite unproffesional.

Do not take it out of the mold yet.

Step 9: Taking It Out of the Mold.

Thats the back of the heart.
As you can see it hasnt been split in two yet. This is where the paper comes in. Gently snap your heart in two. The paper will either stick to the mold and you will have to scrape it off or it will simply fall out. A few small pieces of plaster are likely to fall off but if its that bad you can sand it off to give it a better finish.

Step 10: Painting the Edges and Inside the Zigzags

To give your heart a smooth finish, paint in one direction along the edges of your heart. Inside the zigzags is slightly more tricky as you cant pick it up just yet. My suggestion would be to place the two halves on a book and hold the book up whilst painting.

Step 11: Finished!!

Wait til the paint is completely dry. There maybe some paint peeling but simply paint over it. Youl notice that the fit isnt perfect, but thats how it is meant to be. Remember, you keep the half with their name on it and they keep the half with your name on it.To give it to your loved one, perhaps put into a small box with a ribbon and give it to them with a small romantic message.
I hope youve all found this useful.
Please send me some images if you do attempt this Instructable.=)

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