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Introduction: Plasti Dipping Your Computer Case

For this instructable, I will be showing you guys how I plasti dipped my computer case. I decided to do this to switch up the colouring. Plastidip is also good as you can peel it off if you no longer want that colour.

I'm not an expert with plasti dipping and this was my first go at it but I will include some tips.

Step 1: My Case

You can do this with any computer case. If you wanted to know what case I have, its the Aerocool Aero-800.

My case is all black, but I wanted to add a bit of colour.

The images I have included is the type of thing I am aiming for with this project. Everything that is not coloured in red will be grey. Both side door pannels will be red.

Step 2: Items That Are Used/ Needed

For this I used two colours of plastidip. These are:

Some other things that are needed:

  • Mask/ Resperator
    • This is because plastidip is strong so it shouldnt be breathed in
  • Ventilation
    • This is to keep the air flowing if you are in a room
  • Masking tape
    • This is to help cover over any areas you do not wan't to paint
  • Material to use with the masking tape
    • I used a tesco bag and it worked perfectly well

Optional Items:

  • Gloves
    • If you want to keep overspray off your hands
  • String/ Wire
    • To hang parts up for full coverage whilst spraying
  • Screws and nuts
    • This is only if your case needs to be put back together (see the next step)

Step 3: Dismantling and Cleaning


The first thing that I did was take apart my case. From the pictures above, everything came off easy apart from the top part of the case. This was because it was rivitted together.

To get around this I drilled all the rivets in. Please only do this if you have adult supervision. Also, make sure you have the correct screws as a replacement for what used to be rivitted.

If there is anything connected to the parts you want to paint, I would recommend removing them (making sure you document where the screws go) to avoid painting over them accidentally.

Some screws might be located under foam pads. These can be taken off by slowly peeling them back, like in the picture above.

I chose not to completely take my case apart but it would make painting easier to paint.


I cleaned all of my parts with a damp cloth where I will be spraying the plastidip.

Step 4: Masking and the First Colour

I masked over the areas I didn't want to paint red. I used a pen knife to make sure I got straight edges on the masking. Please have adult supervision if a knife is needed.

When spraying, follow the directions on the can. For me, I sprayed from about half an arms length away and in light overlapping coats. I let each layer dry for a while before spraying another. This was around 20 minutes or until it looked visibly dry. I did around 6 layers for mine but you might decide you want to go for a different effect.

Step 5: Difference in Colour

Just to show you what a difference in colour it made to my case

Step 6: Taping for the Other Colour

Your computer case might have some holes for wires to go through somewhere. I just stuck some tape underneath so the spray wouldn't seep through.

Step 7: How I Set Up Some of My Parts

Most of my parts I laid down flat on a surface. For the top part of my case I tied it up with a piece of string. This is so I could spray all of it at once.

Step 8: Taping Tips

  • When taping over the parts you have painted, be careful pulling it off as it can rip the plastidip off.
  • After spraying in some creases, I would pull the tape off whilst the platidip is still wet. This is because for me the plastidip stuck to the tape.

Step 9: Placement Tips

The problem I had

One of the problems I faced was with how I placed the parts I were spraying. The plastidip would stick to both the part and the towel so it would pull on the plastidip like in the above picture.

How would I get around this next time?

For each part I would put something underneath so that the sides hang over and do not touch anything.

Step 10: Putting the Case Back Together

For me, the only thing I needed to screw together was the top part of the case. This might be different for how you decide to do it. The front pannel was only held in by a few clips.

Step 11: Finished Look

This is my finished paainted case!

The top of my case looks noticably darker as I ran out of plastidip. I went through 2 bottles of red and one bottle of grey.

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    1 year ago

    This looks awesome! Very simple and easy to do instructable. I will be doing something similar to mine :)


    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you! Have fun doing yours :)