Plastic Bag/Carrier

Introduction: Plastic Bag/Carrier

Over the years people have been buying gifts from stores to give to other people, like friends, family, even pets. Why not create something that comes from the heart by hand. Many people have made things out of a plastic bag, like a coaster, placemats, and plant holders. Some people made placemats out of plastic bags because it  is reusable and  many people can save money.This project works by crocheting/ironing many  plastic bags together to create a plastic carrier or bag to hold many items. The purpose of this product is to use recyclable things and to be green. To make things out of reusable material is great and can not just help people save money, but also help the environment. Today Americans discard about 33.6 million tons of plastic bags each year. This project is to help make each year less of plastic bags going into our landfills to rot.

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Step 1: Materials Needed for This Project

You will need many bags(in total I had counted 35).You will also need a iron to make the plastice bags stick together to form what you want, and aluminim foil to place on top of the bag while you iron so the bags do not melt together. You will need the sissors to cut the plastic bags, and last you would need a small sqaure block or card board to place inside the bag while you iron so the inside do not stick together.

Step 2: Prepare the Plastic Bag

There are many ways you can do this but this is the way that I choose. 
First I had to cut the bottom of the bags than the handles after you flatten the bag  fully out in its original form.
Then after cutting the bag make the bag flat so you can cut off the label on the bag(so it will be a long rectangular bag)
After doing this process you may cut up the bag into strips but I had never tried that so just stick with the circles because it is more vibrant and cool.
Last cut the bag in circles(might want to use an old CD disk like I did)

Step 3: Making the Handles

You would want to use some of your pieces that you have cut off the bag to make the handles.
First tie one of the ends into a knot and then braid it(if you want you can just leave it with out handles if you want)
With your iron on low temperature cover the middle handle area between knots with foil and make a couple passes over the foil. Be careful not to touch the unprotected plastic with the iron.

Step 4: Set Up for the Bag

Lay out how ever many sheet of aluminum foil you will need to iron on the plastic.Start laying down your first layer diagonally over lapping the circles as you go. I used brown,white,grey, and yellow bags for my first layer because I had many of them.Next I lay down my second layer on top of my first to make a little pattern(kinda).

Step 5: Making the Handles

At the left and right ends of the bag we will need to add some handles.
I folded the edge over to create a nice straight edge.
Now you will want to place you handle about where you would want it. Make sure when you do the other handle at the other end it lines up with the one you did at this end of the tote.
I tuck the  ends of the handle under the unfused ends of the edge and place a foil sheet over the area and fuse the aluminium with the iron.

Step 6: Now Make the Ends of the Bag

Bend the bag in the middle so that the handles meet.
You should have edges that still need to be fused on the sides of your bag.
I found that by using a square of cardboard inside the bag area while fusing the sides helped keep the edge straight as I fused them together.

Step 7: Then You Are Finished

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is the most elegant fused-plastic bag I have seen yet! Nice work.