Plastic Bottle Airplane Foldables

Introduction: Plastic Bottle Airplane Foldables

The Plastic Bottle Airplane Foldables Project provides instructions for recycling plastic, water bottles and creating a new craft project for individuals to experiment with plastic as a form of airplane modeling. Using a series of instructions, we have taken traditional models used for making paper airplanes and tested the outcomes and aviation capabilities of the model airplane using plastic bottles - a free, material available in excess globally.

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Step 1: Select a Plastic Bottle

Hint: The largest bottles made of the thinnest plastics work best.

Step 2: Plastic Bottle Preparation

Using a pair of scissors, remove the top and bottom of the plastic bottle. After removing the ends of the plastic bottle, cut the tubular plastic along the y axis from end to end so that the bottle is now a square piece of plastic.

Step 3: Flatten the Plastic Bottle

Place your piece of plastic on a hard surface (use a surface that handles heat and that is ok to get messy). Place a slightly damp paper towel over the piece of plastic. Run a hot iron over the surface, keeping the paper towel between the iron and plastic at all times, until the plastic bottle is flat.

Step 4: Let the Plastic Cool

Step 5: Select the Airplane Model

From the list of airplane foldable options included, select the model airplane to construct.

Step 6: Fold Your Plastic Airplane

Using scissors score the plastic at the folds, and complete the steps to build your first, plastic bottle airplane model.

Step 7: Voila! Fly and Have Fun!

Be sure to enjoy testing out how different plastics help your model airplane move through the air and winds. The lighter the plastic, the faster the plastic model airplane. Enjoy and Experiment!

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    4 years ago

    Very interesting idea. Do these plastic airplanes actually fly?