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Introduction: Plastic Bottle Beads

Having attended my college class on Tuesday the tutor made use use shrinking plastic.We then had 2 go home and make some jewelry out of shrinking plastic. But have no cash left to sepend after buying the shrinking plastic off the tutor I discovered you web-site. Sepent a couple of hours messing about with just a plastic bottle I decided to turn them into beads of differnt colours. And now I would like to share them all with you.
Cathy xxx

Step 1: Colouring Your Beads

I used felt makers and paint to give the beads more colour

Step 2: Rolling and Holding

I rolled up the beads and held them in pliers and got ready to use my craft head gun on the plastic bottle to get the bead shape.

Step 3: Beware Hot!

I had to hold the plastic strip rooled up in my pliers, which was very hot! The bead shape began to form itself once the plastic was hot!The inks also ran into each other.I allowed my beads to cool.

Step 4: Beads! Beads! Beads!

Here are my plastic bottle beads! Each one is different! And each one gets better the more I do! The ideas are coming thick and fast!
I will never throw away anothe plastic bottle! I cannot wait to get my hands on some green ones and Locazade (orange ones!)



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    l have alarmed collection of plastic bottles. Your beads are a great craft for them. Thanks

    ugh, I just took out the recycling! I'm running back out and getting that green plastic bottle. I was looking for green beads tonight. This is perfect. Thanks.

    This is TOO cool! I have to try it!

    Go on have ago.....cheep and cheerful! I also posted some plastic bottle medallions too! Cath

    hey i wanted to try this project and the people at the hardware store told me the heatgun would be too strong and melt the whole plastic, hence unsuitable. i believe they are wrong because you proved it is possible :] how many watts is your heat gun? and does it perfectly melt the edges, combining it so that it looks like a real bead? or does it still have sharp edges?

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    The heat gun I use is the type you use for embossing cards! and you can buy them from a craft shop. I think you can just about see mine in the piccie (not the type used 4 removing paint!) You have to cut the plastic bottles carefully so you dont get any stick out sharp bits! But once you get going it is all trial and error! My first lot were phoo and crappy, so I just adapted them. I just get some crazy idea in my head and go for it! Whats to lose? I never look at the stuff that has gone wrong as a failure, just a learning curve.

    I'm so anxious to try this! Instructions seem very simple. Always on the lookout for other materials to use in making jewelry. Thanks for this instructable!

    I thought your ible was really good. Hope to try it really soon. Thanks so much for sharing. Just wanted to share a site with all of you, It's called "Bead For Life" It's very empowering for extremley marginalized women in the third world.

    I am so excited about your beads that I cannot contain myself. I didn't have a heat gun so I ordered one from Amazon that is meant for wallpaper removal etc. I have just made my first two beads but am a bit concerned about something. When I am heating the plastic everything is fine. But when I turn OFF the heatgun whisps of pale 'smoke' come out the vent. It doesn't happen when the implement is on and it isn't grey/black 'I'm on fire' kind of smoke. Do you have any ideas?

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    Thank you so much for your help. I have contacted the manufacturer in Germany and am awaiting their reply. Yes I did see the other medallions and thought they were very cool indeed. I have just discovered the site and am afraid that I will be locked up in the house 24/7 trying things out. But am glad that I now have enough to keep me busy in my old age when I finally get there :)

    Forget old age! Do it now 2! I am so glad I have my own house and am a mum! To Aaron who has autism! it means I don't get out much! Loads of time on my hands (and buzzing stuff 2 do with them!) My iron is not just for fact I haven't ironed anything in years...unless u count my crafty stuff! And I do! Crafty stuff stops me going on Prozac or whatever..... Cath

    If the heat gun hasn't been used for a while, maybe sitting in a shop or something it could be a bit dusty? If all else fails, try to exchange it! It could be faulty! My heat gun is one of the older models. They don't have a fan in them like an hair dryer, so keep it well ventilated. Mine gets quite hot! I can see the element glow!

    I made my friend's mother a necklace and earring set using these beads and it turned out beautifully. Thank you so much for posting this wonderful tutorial :D

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    Glad u liked them....I also love making paper-beads, mostly from old fliers (of which there r loads)that are put thou the letter box. Enjoy Love and Peace Cath

    Tried 2 do that a couple of times but it keeps saying I have no new stuff 2 enter, so never mind. I just like the fact that my ideas are out there giving people more ideas and morphing them to make better stuff!(Which I hop they will share with us when they do! If I needed a waterbottle I would nip to one of my local shops to buy one, cos at the moment my small purchase may or may not help 2wards the recovery of the re-session! I like to think it would!(Plus when have done with it it will not be so hard to use (recycle in2 something else!If I won it, I know it would end up in a draw like some kinda trophy and not be used!!) So as I said b4 nevermind.