Plastic Bottle Plant

Introduction: Plastic Bottle Plant

This colorful, decorative plant is a very cheap, easy craft and doesn't take much time either.

You just place it outside for a nice decoration.

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Step 1: Materials


- Glue or some other type of adhesive

- Sandpaper


- Plastic bottles (remove the labels)

- A stick of some sort with sturdy limbs

- Paint

- Water/Paintbrush

Step 2: Prepare for Paint

Grab some of your plastic bottles and sand the outside or inside, whatever you are planning to paint.

sanding the inside might be kind of hard, so just kinda scratch it up in some way. This way the paint will not just

slide off the smooth plastic surface and drip and powder off. The paint will stick in the holes/scratches and stay there.

Step 3: Painting

You can either paint yours on the inside or outside, depending on what you sanded. Just remember if you painted it on the outside you may not be able to place it outdoors.

Take your paint and brush and start painting the outside, if you sanded that part. If you painted the inside, you may find it kind of hard to actually thoroughly paint it. I solved this issue by filling the bottle with just a little water (about to the end of the small ridges that may be on the bottom) and squeezing in some paint. I then capped the bottle and shook it up pretty well. The paint became more liquid and just rolled around the edges, covering them in paint. After a while, you might find the bottles have paint just sliding off the inside. Just turn the bottle or shake it up again until the paint dries or enough is in the scratches. Then just wait for it to dry.

Step 4: Differences

Just looking at the top image, you may be able to figure out which one I used a brush on and which I used the liquid paint method on. There is a noticeable difference and I personally think the blue one using the liquefied paint method worked better

Step 5: Attatch

I made about three more bottles and went on and put them on my stick. They bent the branches a little, but they didn't break, so it was fine. After putting them on, I decided they needed a little more stability so the wouldn't fall off. This is where you somehow use whatever adhesive you want to secure the bottles on to the stick. I used hot glue, but some other materials might work as well.

Step 6: Completion

You are now finished! Put this decorative fake plant in your yard for a decoration or stand it up inside your house for a little "house plant"

By the way, I am entering this in the reuse contest and the unusual uses for ordinary things contest.

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