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Here is another project I made from plastic bottle, paper, and another trash I found, and turn it to be a beautiful little garden for decorating my room.

Step 1: What You Needs

what will you needs are :

1. a plastic bottle

2. used paper

3. used brown envelope

4. scissors, knife

5. glue

6. plants

7. paint

8. terrarium ingredients

Step 2: Preparation

1. Make a hole at the bottle with a shape you like

2. Make paper pulp ( you may google how to make a good paper pulp )

3. Put the paper pulp at the bottom of the bottle, it will also used as the stand ( you may shape it as you like, here i make it round because I will paint it like a wood later )

4. Wait for the paper pulp until dry

5. Once the paper pulp dry, paint it ( here I paint it like to be like a wood )

Step 3: Decoration

Next I use some used envelope I found.

- I cut it to long and small pieces, and then I crush it until it turns like a dry grass.

- decorate it as you like by using glue ( for example, here I made it like a vine )

- For the front side, I add cinnamons, sticks, and few plants I found from my yard

Step 4: Decorate Top Part

For the top part, I use the brown envelope again

- cut the envelope, but leave some part of it uncut

- Fold it to be 2 layered

- Repeat the step above until the roof is covered

Step 5: Make Inside Decoration

- For the terrarium, you can google about how to make a good terrarium out of plants you have.

- For the inside decoration, you can make anything you want with everything you found, for example here I make a garden chair from a stick.

- Arrange your plant inside the bottle as the theme you choose, for example here I make it to be like a garden. You can also make it like desert, forest, etc.

And there you go, you just turn useless plastic bottle to beautiful room decoration, hope you like it :)



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