Plastic Cup

Introduction: Plastic Cup

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This plastic cup is a good recycled project that kids and adults can make this takes about 5 minutes each. You can find everything in your house and its absolutely free. So this is an easy and fun!

Step 1: Get the Materials

You can fond everything in your house. What you need for this project :

•plastic water bottle $ free
•electric tape $ free
•scissors $ free
•permanent marker or pen $ free

Total Cost = FREE!!!!!

Step 2: Marking Down and Cutting

Mark down with the pen or marker a line right below where the paper is. Take the scissors and cut at that line.

Step 3: Tapeing and Decorating

Cover the top with half of some electrical tape. Make sure to cover it good with tape. This is the fun part you can you can spray paint different colors or a design! Or get a hole puncher and some string to clip it onto your belt or neck.

Step 4: Enjoy!

You can bring this to camping trips or anything you wish. Think of the possibilities.....

Post pics of the cups you made!

Thank you for looking at my instructable! Please vote and check out my other instructables! I'm currently making an Adventure Time Logo Sword so watch out for that! Until next time ......... CHEERS!!



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    8 Discussions

    Electric tape ain't good for you! Duct tape on the other hand might work!

    1 reply

    Polyurethane in duct tape is toxic. It's the same plastic in shopping bags, that is also in the adhesive. I honestly don't think that there is any non-toxic adhesive or glue out there except for basic glue sticks.

    Sorry I wasn't thinking straight I was in the middle of doing 50 other projects at the same time! I need to get organized if you have any other ideas let me and every one else know to make this instructable more safer! : D

    I assume the electrical tape is to make the edge less abrasive on the lips. This would work really well if electrical tape isn't made of polyvinyl chloride, or more commonly known as pvc, which is known to be toxic if consumed by humans. Be mindful what you are putting in your body!

    Finished the sword instructable is up

    Almost done i just need to paint it and ill write the instructable right after!

    Nice!! I can't wait for the adventure time sword!!