Art Supply Storage (large Canvas Rolls)

Introduction: Art Supply Storage (large Canvas Rolls)

Supplies and Etc

1. Location for sling to be suspended from (I used large Metro shelves/restaurant style metal shelving)

2. Plastic fencing

3. Dowel rod of whatever length needed (not shown). I used a 4 foot long rod.

3. Cable ties, Gear Ties, shelf hooks

4. May need duct tape for finishing any raw edges.


1. Something that will easily cut the fencing

2. Pliers for threading the cable ties through the holes and securing them

Special Comments:

I have arthritis in my hands and found that dealing with the stiff fencing was difficult. However, I was very motivated to get these rolls of canvas out of the way so I persevered. I have very limited floor space and needed another solution than leaning the rolls against a wall. I also had a variety of fencing, cable ties, and gear ties at hand.

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Step 1: Measure and Cut Fencing

1. Consider what you need to hang, perhaps rolls of Christmas wrap, old posters or maps, blueprints, etc. I have large heavy rolls of painting canvas

2. Set your item(s) to be hung on top of the fencing, before cutting make sure there is enough material for an overlap at the top and enough to hang the the intended rolls. If you have access to a big roll of paper you could do a mock up with that instead of the fencing.

3. I have extensive experience in sewing and fabric design so I relied on those skills. You may want to use a double thickness for something heavy, for instance.

4. I folded under the top edges that the sling hung from. I used the full length of the fencing so there were no frayed edges on the left and right. If you need to cut these for a smaller size you may need to cover them with duct tape in order to reinforce them and prevent jabs and tears in the roll you are hanging

5. Since the fencing is stiff and difficult to work with it may be advisable to go through these and other steps using paper or fabric to walk through the process first.

Step 2: This Is a Goof, I Am Trying to Edit Not Succeeding....

Step 3: Hang and Attach Sling

1. Bring the ends sling together and create a "tube" at the top (as if you were making a curtain and needed to insert a curtain rod in a "tube" at the top of the curtain). I used a 6 foot dowel as the "curtain rod"

2. I used cable ties as the "thread" to create the tube. These could be used to link pieces of fencing together wherever needed.I also made use of Gear Ties.

3. The shelf unit should be sturdy enough to accept the weight of whatever is being hung. I have Metro shelving, most familiar in restaurant and utility storage. Hooks for use with the shelving provided the final method of attachment to the shelving

Step 4: Suggested Other Uses, Hanging Large Rolls Of.....Also Alternate Materials

1. This system could be used to hang: Christmas wrap, large maps, blueprints, and so on

2. Since the fencing has holes, this system could be modified to suspend large tools, or items such as toilet plungers. A possibility, haven't tried it, just an idea.

3. I used the plastic fencing as the main sling material but any strong fabric like canvas, old sailboat sails, upholstery material, marine upholstery, and so on could be substituted

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    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing! Great idea!