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Introduction: Plastic Flower Rainbow

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Hey... Now I make some awesome Instructables. This is Plastic Flower Rainbow. I hope you guys very likes this amazing Instructables. Very easy to make it in home and i very like the Rainbow Colors. What if we combine the light and rainbows? Oh... It's a great idea. Let's make it.

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Step 1: Material

So first , you need to prepare the material . We need :

  • plastic paper
  • paint colors
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissor
  • Tape or Double Tape
  • Yarn

This material is very easy to find. You can find it anywhere . For color paint you can use Acrylic Paint or you can use other paint colors .

Step 2: Cut the Plastic Paper

Cut the plastic paper into 6 sections , rectangular. You can see the picture above (Sorry.. if the the image is dim >_<). Cut it and check it the size it same. If you can not cut it with a straight , you can use a ruler.

Step 3: It's Time to Color !!!

Coloring the plastic paper with rainbow colors. I very like this step because i like painting. You can use paint brush to coloring it. I choose the 6 colors there are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. I have the pink colors but i just want make it 6 colors. The color in the plastic paper is not so bright but if you use the light it can be realy bright.

Step 4: Fold the Plastic Paper

You have to fold the plastic paper. Front and back it's look like that. If you still confused you can check the video (from Youtube). Check it from minute 2:46. The same way as making poms use tissue paper.

Step 5: Cut the Plastic Paper

If you finish fold the Plastic Paper, now you have to cut the middle part of the plastic paper. Cut into triangles shape. Do it carefully and make sure it does not break. Do it slowly.

Step 6: Tie With Yarn

Tie part that has been cut with yarn. Tied it twice for make sure not drop out.

Step 7: Forms Such As Flowers

Pull the plastic paper side that had been folded and unite with the other side. Attach with tape or double tape. I recomended you to attach it with transparent tape. Do it on the other plastic paper.

Step 8: Finished

Now you are finished and then you can hang it in the outdoor. Owh... you can use this for decorate wedding, your room and the birthday party. I hope you very likes my Instructables and i hope you can try it in home. Anyway, if there is a hard step you can comment in below and then i will help you. Don't forget to vote me in Rainbow Contest and Wedding Contest. If you hang in the outside, wow... you can see that's very brighter. Yups... it's a combine the light and rainbows that's i mean.

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