Plastic Bag Sealer "Simple" LED-mod (w/ Life Lesson Questions)




Introduction: Plastic Bag Sealer "Simple" LED-mod (w/ Life Lesson Questions)

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I haven't done electrical work in some time, but I thought this would be an easy project for my roommate's Xmas gift. However, a .25 of the way through, I realized it was much more than I bargained for, BUT I knew if I could stick it out to the end, it could work out.
//And with struggles, we all know what we get- Life Lessons. (and Cue Questions from me to set yourself up better for the future)

- Dremmel (Cutting Disc + w/e gets the job done safely)
- Soldering Iron
- Kitchen Scissors
- Super Glue

- Rubber Duck (for sanity check)

- Bag Sealer
- Resistor (for LED and proper form)
- Momentary Push Button
- Wire

Step 1: Cut Out Round for LED

Simple, right?
(Used the Dremmel cutting disc)

Step 2: Wait...I Just Understood This's Stupid

So technically, it's always on....
I thought the spring action push button in the back activated doesn't.

Step 3: Take a Cue From Programming => Rubber Ducking!

I talked it through with a Rubber Duck like it was person, explaining my processes.

I decided to put a Momentary Push Button on the "button" itself.

Step 4: Go Hard in the Paint (If You're Going for It, GO for IT)

I cut the rounded section off the original "button" with the Dremmel cutting disc.

Yes, I did cut slots so the leads on the MPB can fit through (also fixed it up some more with the ball nose attachment).

Yes, I am using pliers with a hair tie as my soldering stand.

//I cut the battery connector strip with the scissors and soldered on the wires.

Step 5: Made Progress But Also Some More Mistakes :)

I soldered the LED's polarities incorrectly- it was the 2nd one already.
Hey, it's hard when it's Christmas Day, there's a lot of tools and work crap all over your room, and you've also been super busy writing songs and editing videos.

//I'll be cleaning everything up after I write this!

I soldered the wires to MPB incorrectly.
I was wondering why the LED stayed on... heheh

Step 6: *Do* W/ Integrated Lessons

Had an old LED from a previous project with a resistor soldered on already; I was way too tired, in too deep and a little woozy from huffing all the solder smoke at this point.
//Pier 9 has vents right?

Soldered the wire to the proper connection and tested :)

Step 7: Test, Test, Test!

//Pictures speak for themselves

Step 8: Wrap Up (Potential for a Pun)

I'm waiting for the spray paint to dry on the box it came in as we speak.

In retrospect:
I could have cut a little more depth off original "button", but upon listening to my intuition, I decided to leave it as it is.

Major (Re)Lessons:
1. Understand the circuity (the situation) AMAP (As Much As Possible) prior to starting
=> What is the situation in front of me?
2. Keep track to test better
=> Do I know all my leads?
3. Quit while you're ahead
=> *Place hand over chest* Does it feel worth it for me to continue?

Hope you enjoyed this odd yet fun hack
Happy LoveMore! ❤️

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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I do not have a rubber duck. Can I use a plastic dog instead ?


    Reply 3 years ago

    No, at least a rubber dog !


    3 years ago

    Nice work. Your roommate is lucky to have you as a friend. Is that really the circuit? Two batteries with some nichrome wire between them? And, it's always on? Might have looked slightly prettier if the switch was beneath the origional plastic button. (Is that possible?) Or maybe a simple on/off switch so it can pre-heat?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes unfortunately, that really is the circuit, and I thought the same for the button, but the spring fit into its own circular feature so a button underneath would've been exponential work.

    thx for ur comment!