Plastic Japanase Brew




Introduction: Plastic Japanase Brew

What is Japanase Brew?

Best way to brew cold coffe is to drop cold water very slowly, accomplishing slow water flow in grinded coffee. This will ensure highest possible surface contact in shortest time. Another method is making grinded coffe wait in cold water for a long time. By long time i mean 18-24 hours.

In this project I have implemented japanase cold brew method. This method is relatively simple, constant drop flow, drops cold water on middle grinded coffee with a paper filter. I have used aeropress to hold coffee and filter but you can use a simple coffe machine filter and a funnel. After that, coffee goes thourgh a spiral tube. This tube is important to decrease gases in coffe. And it changes the taste.

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Step 1: Step 1

Using a bottle and a serum set which you can get from pharmacy, a funnel with a spiral tube can be build. This funnel can also hold filter and grinded coffe. But since I have an aeropress laying around, I have decided to use the aeropress and its filters. Simply cut the big needle on set and use it to penetrate bottle's lid. And cut the bottle in half. After that plug in remaining tube to other end, and create 3 loops and use duck tape to keep it together. You can also use a paperclip. Simply bend the paperclip and wrap it around loops.

Step 2: Put Funnel Into Another Bottle

Using funnel we have created in step 1. Simply put it into another bottle. Just make sure that bottle is long enough.

Step 3: Create Another Funnel With a Dropper and Add Water

Using serum set again, penetrate the lid on the bottle and tube with a dropper. Using another cut open bottle, fix new funnel's position. Add coffe and you are ready to go! You can adjust the dropper's speed. I prefer 4 drops per second. With that speed you can get delicious cold brew coffee for two in half an hour. Note that coffee will get ligher as long as you keep brewing it.

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