Plastic Toy Cleaning With Storage Bins




Introduction: Plastic Toy Cleaning With Storage Bins

For people with small children Daycare's that have not done this already or Parents trying to donate and or sell their children's old toys.

A simple way to clean plastic toys and not waste water. I tried this yesterday to clean some toys I am trying to sell. I took them out of the bins to sort, filled the bin with water let stand and mix a few times.

I took them out and let them dry. Then realized I could save some water and time. By using two bins I created a colander to easily remove the toys from the water and not having to fish my hands through the water to find a toy I missed.

This took me only about twenty minutes to do. I don't recommend any electronic plastic toys as I'm sure it will ruin them.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

I used a cordless drill with a 7/8" hole saw

Carpenters Square

Black Marker

2 - Same size storage bins as they usually interlock without covers. ( I used Sterilite 18 gallon totes)

Add a third if you want one for soapy water and one for clean water to rinse.

Step 2: Mark and Drill

Turn over a bin and using the carpenters square and the marker, I marked off 2" squares. Depending on the size of the toys will determine how many holes and size. I was cleaning mega-blocks so they are pretty big and would not fit through the 7/8" holes. I found the more like a colander the quicker the water goes in and out.

Now drill at each intersection. Do not apply too much pressure as the bin will crack. I had to remove each circle as it would prevent the next hole from being drilled properly.

Step 3: Assembly Add Water

Now interlock the bins and add hot water and your cleaner of choice.

I filled them about a third of the way up of the inside bin.

(Special note - Only use hot water no hotter than your hands will allow. Too hot may burn your hands.)

Step 4: Add Toys

Now add the toys and bring the inside tub up and down slowly, if you go too fast your shoes get wet. Mix them around occasionally and let soak for a few.

I mixed them around after soaking a few minutes just in case.

Step 5: Let Drain

I found when I took the inside tub out and shook a little, turned and placed the inside tub on the bottom tub as shown it could drain for a few minutes.

As mentioned in the Tools and Supplies section if you use a third tub with cold clean water you can rinse them off.

Optional I laid them out on a dark tarp in the sun to dry.

Happy Cleaning...

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Very nice! I bet something like this would make it easier for daycare centers to clean the toys more thoroughly to prevent spread of germs.


    Reply 3 years ago

    I know, my children's old daycare would clean the toys twice a month. I made sure I sent the link to the director to hopefully make it easier.