Plastic Yorghurt Tub Becomes Plant Pot



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Before throwing anything away these days, I try to think of ways items can be upcycled, reused and repurposed. This time it's a yoghurt container that is upcycled into a vintage flower pot.  I am all for repurposing and recycling and you will find plenty of projects on the website.  Pop in for a visit.

Step 1: Clean and Sand the Container

A large yoghurt container can be transformed into a flower pot with very little effort and just a dab of creativity. But before you start, remove the plastic label and then sand the container with 220-grit sandpaper. This will ensure that paint will stick better to the surface.

Step 2: Make Clay Roses

To make the small clay roses I used air-drying clay.  Roll out a thin sausage and cut into small sections that can be rolled between fingers and thumb and then curled into a small rose shape as shown.

Step 3: Attach Roses

Use No More Nails adhesive to attach the air-dried roses onto the top of the pot.  Your roses must be completely dry before attaching as you need to press them down firmly into place so that they are secured properly.

BTW... I initially sprayed the pot in a hammered bronze, but changed my mind later on.  So please ignore the colour at this stage!

Step 4: Affix Clay Roses

As mentioned in the previous step, place the roses around the top of the pot and bed them firmly in the adhesive.  You don't want any roses falling off later on.

Step 5: Paint and Age

Here is a close up of the roses after painting with Rust-Oleum 2X satin blossom white and adding a little ageing with watered down brown craft paint. 

This is just one of the many ways to recycle household plastic waste that would normally sit on our trash dumps for hundreds of years.  And don't forget to pop onto for more recycling projects!



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