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Introduction: Plastic Bead Art

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Items needed:
Plastic beads (see description below)
A bead loom (sold with the beads generally or you can make your own)
A regular clothes iron (set to the hottest setting)
A flat surface to iron on
Some ironing paper to make sure the beads do not stick to your iron or flat surface.

This craft project uses a particular type of plastic bead that melts and binds to the beads around it when heated with an iron.

The beads stick together to make fun and colorful pieces of art. You can even buy glow in the dark beads to add an extra bit of fun to this bead craft.

There are various brand names that sell the beads, and you can buy them at most stores that sell crafts.

Advanced ideas:

You can make 3D sculptures by stacking each finished layer one on top of the other similar to how a 3D printer works but much slower. This is of course offset by the extremely low cost.

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    3 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Cool idea. My wife and daughter made most of these. I will have to request some retro game sprites for my office. If you put a magnet on the back they would be great to decorate a cube or any other dull space. We also use them as coasters and sun catchers.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    those perler beads are really good for making 8-bit video game sprites