Plastic Bottle Multipurpose Hanging Decoration

This is a lantern or a planter and is a great accessory to have in the backyard or any area you like. I simply cut and carved out the plastic container (this is a 5 litre water jar), folding plastic in ways to make it appear in different shades I used a drawing marker, cutter, glass paints, acrylic paints, pollen sticks used for making flowers, Mseal/ Air dry clay, PVA glue, varnish and beads and other embellishments.


Step 1: Plan

I simply took a marker and drew fairy images, butterflies etc all over the bottle. Once done, I cut some parts of the bottle to turn it out. The trick it to keep the core strong so that your base , top and four connecting pillars are strong just like when you build a house. Then the structure can take any amount of weight you like. I also made a similar one to stack my gardening tools!!

Step 2: Decorate

You could use all your imagination here. If you like too use it as a lantern use glass paints for a translucent effect. Else you can try decoupage or other embellishments. I also made small fruits, spider, snail, birds, flowers etc with clay and stuck it to give a 3D effect.

If your bottle does not have a hanger you could simply punch holes and pass a wire or thread. Mine was specifically made for the kids' backyard area, hence I liked to work on a fairy theme!!



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