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Introduction: Plastic Bottle Bird

Former technics and arts and crafts teacher at a school for mentally disabled young adults.

Reuse old empty plastic bottles as objects d'art. Look for plastic detergent bottles with a handle. Preferably not PET but HDPE, with a little 2 or 4 on the bottom. "the greasy kind of plastic". You will need some scissors, a knife, some tie-wraps, a small woodblock, two screws, acrylic primer ( I use acrylic modelling paste instead) and acrylic paint

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Step 1:

Look for a bottle more or less similar to the one on the photo. Draw lines as shown.

Step 2:

It may be wise to start cutting the parts by cutting the handle with a knife or hacksaw. The rest can easily be done with a pair of scissors. Removing the bottom requires sometimes again saw or knife. You should end up with three parts. Try to cut them symmetrical.

Step 3:

Punch holes in the back of the head, body parts. I have a special set of pliers for this but any sharp bodkin will do. Attach head and body with one tie-wrap. Be sure to start from the inside for a cleaner look. Place the body part between the wings and mark the  four holes corresponding in body and wing parts.

Step 4:

Connect body and wing part with two tie-wraps. Start from under the bird with the hole nearest to the beak. By doing that the tie-wrap will stick out in front and look like the legs or feet of the bird. Make the legs a little shorter with your scissors.

Step 5:

Before painting a bit of sanding is recommended. Then cover the bird with primer or acrylic modelling paste. After drying paint everything black and let dry again. With almost dry brushes in burnt sienna, copper and ocher make a "mist" of color over the black paint. Deeper creases should remain black. Highlight some edges with gold paint, but don't overdo.

Step 6:

Mount the bird on a little piece of wood, Make a little sloping edge with a saw and put two screws trough the hole of the feet.

Step 7:

Who would ever think your statue began life as a empty plastic bottle?
For more ideas you could look in my DIY book on my website:
Sadly (?) it is written in dutch, but many photo's and drawing will give you inspiration, as will the rest of the website.
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