Plastic Bottle Mug




Introduction: Plastic Bottle Mug

We keep producing plastic bottles everyday in our life. Random disposal of those bottles may lead to potential pollution to our environment. Here, we introduce a simple way of reusing plastic bottles, to make it mug, plastic cup.

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5 Discussions

Right on! Years ago I forgot to bring a coffee cup into the field. I had to use one of those plastic Pringles cans and a buddy never lets me forget it. Yours is much classier and I'm going to make one for him. Thanks!


5 years ago on Introduction

Awesome! Very amazing to see how you can transform a plastic bottle with only itself and a few current tools.


5 years ago

Chill, hadi. This is his first instructable. I figured it out, but a few more "instructional" steps would be helpful. Great idea. Thanks.