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Introduction: Plastic Lace Bracelet: Zipper

Make this quick and easy bracelet using just two pieces of plastic lace, some tape to help hold it in place (optional), and your hands, of course. Although some may consider bracelets for girls, I gave these to boys too and they wore them.

Step 1: Prepare Your Lace

To start, you'll need to choose two colours of plastic lace to start with, and which one you want more of. You can purchase plastic lace at many places such as Walmart, the Dollar Store (Dollarama is where this pack is from), craft stores, etc. I chose red and white to match this shirt I'm wearing, and I will have more white, so white will be longer. So your shorter piece (red, in my case) should wrap loosely around your wrist two times with some space to spare for tying. ( Mine is 45cm / 18 inches) My white piece of string is about 100cm long.

Step 2: Set-up

Start by tying a tight knot with one end of your long string around your shorter string that is folded in half equally.
For extra security, take an end of the long string, put it through the loop at the top, then tie it up again.

Step 3: Begin the Zipper

Now would be when you'd tie your bracelet to the table/working surface by the loop if you choose to. It will make your experience much easier if you are making this for your first time or are struggling to hold it while weaving.
Weave the long piece over than under the two (red) short pieces.
Turn around, and repeat. (Over then under, turn, over, under, turn) Repeat this process until you have worked your way down the short pieces and have a couple cm left of your short pieces.

Step 4: Picture Summary

Step 5: Finishing

Tie the loose ends with the remainder of the long string. Insert the white string (Longer one) through the loop previously made, then tie it to the ends of the red strings, or itself to be abe to stretch a little.
Lastly, cut the remainder of the strings off, but leave some on the tighten later on when/if needed.

Step 6: Now You're Done!

Ta-da! Mix and match colours, give them to friends and family, and enjoy!

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Basically, after you tie the loop, imagine two strings. With the white one, I started from one end and put it over the first string, then under the second. Then you turn white around, putting on top of the second string, then weaving it the opposite direction (over, under) and repeat then tie it however you can manage. Hopefully this diagram I drew for you will help make it more clear. It's fairly simple!

    Zipper Bracelet How-to Diagram.png