Plastic Milk Carton Into Dust Pan and Containers



Plastics are used to manufacture a number of products we use on a daily basis. As the use of plastics has increased over the years, they have become a larger part of the solid waste stream. Therefore, it is essential to reduce, reuse, recycle and upscale the plastic products we use. This would help us reduce the amount of energy and natural resources, reduce landfill space, and easily create new things. 

This instruct able shows how the function of plastic milk cartons can be modified and extended. By following easy steps, it can be converted into a dust pan and a portable take-out container.

What you need:

Plastic Milk Carton
Super Glue

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Step 1:

Make a dust pan:

1. Mark the area around the bottle that acts as a handle.
2. Cut along the lines.
3. Voila, you have a dustpan.

Step 2:

Make a mini go-to container
(Includes: Spoon holder, 2 containers, side- containers)

1. Mark along different lines of the container as shown
2. Cut along the lines.
3. For the side containers, glue the bottle caps on the bottom for extra support.
4. This container can be used for holding nachos, cereal, fruits. The side containers can be used to hold cupcakes, sauces, cheese   and such. The remaining part of the second milk carton with the handle can be used as a cutlery holder.

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