Plastic Spoon Flower (DIY)





Introduction: Plastic Spoon Flower (DIY)

About: I am addicted to DIY.

We can make very good flower from useless plastic spoons.

Step 1:- Collect some useless plastic spoons.
Step 2:- Half melt spoons with candle.
Step 3:- Pin up them in flower petals formation.

You can also use this as a necklace.

Thank you.     



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    Just a note: any fumes (usually undetectable) from burning plastic (whether by drilling a hole in the plastic, or by melting it) can be extremely toxic, so it's best to use proper ventilation and masks.

    With that said, AMAZING JOB! These looks so good! :)

    start from back to top

    back to top "petercd"

    wow, came out looking good, as a tip where is the best place to start, center or at the back?