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I finally made it! I finished my lamp! All you need are lots of spoons (i used 270, 18 rows with 15 spoons each), a 10L plastic bottle, hot glue and feathers. I cut the bottom of the bottle and started gluing the spoons. I broke their handles first! When i reached almost at the top of the bottle i had a small problem. When i finally made it to the top the curve of the bottle was kind of  inconvenient for me to glue the rest of the spoons. I had two options : to cut the top part of the bottle or to find something else to use there. And then it came to me : feathers! i went out and bought me some and glued them around the top. The result is rather funny, but i love it! The feathers are optional, if your bottle is better than mine!



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    hey! can anyone anyone help me cuz i made this and white plastic spoons were not available here so i made it frm transparent plastic spoons nd now when i have fitted up the bulb glue and spoons are looking very oddand everything is visible from it. pls tell me some idea to cover it .... thanx

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    hi! you could try spray painting the spoons, white or another bright color.i do not know if this will work,i have not tried it.good luck!

    Hi. Absolutely love this. Just finished mine in time to give to mom for Christmas . Just perched it on a lamp as a shade to take a quick pic. Hope it lives up to your standards . P.S. Finished it off without feathers. used a lot mor spoons than you did. Love that artichoke look.LOL

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    It looks great!! And the artichoke finish is great!!!!!!! Your spoons look a little smaller than mine i think! Hope your mom likes it! Have a beautiful holiday!!!!!!

    This is incredible. Thanks for putting up an approximate spoon count, which is what I needed before looking for this. Where on Earth did you find a 10L bottle? I can find 3L or 5 gallon, but not many bottles in between. Thank you once again.

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    Hi Kathy. I do not know where you live, but in Greece, where i do, it was easier to find a 10L bottle. You could ask at a company or store, who usually use water dispensers (or coolers) if they have such big bottles. But if you have a small room to use your light at, you could also try a 5L bottle! Good luck! Hope you send some photos!

    they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good love to make one

    want to know what are other probs faced
    like am glad how the bottom part is so narrow and i just dont knw but looking at it looks so easy but it isnt i hv a gut feeling

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    it's my favorite craft! instead of feathers you can cover the top of the bottle also with spoons. my bottle was not easy to work with on the top, this is why i used the feathers. i thought it was easy too, but it needs a looooooooot of patience! you should try it though! i was ready to throw it away at times, but i managed to finish it! you should be careful to keep each line of spoons straight!