Platform 9 3/4 Sign

Introduction: Platform 9 3/4 Sign

About: Architectural Designer and Volunteer Firefighter

This is a quick project that I worked on for a couple days in my free time. I used:
A old metal sign
Yellow paint
Bright red paint
Country Redwood Paint
Black Paint
and  a few paint brushes, pencils, etc 

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Step 1: Prime It

My sign had old stuff on it so I painted over the whole thing with white KILZ primer. I painted it before I went to sleep so that it would be dry by the morning.

Step 2: Base Color

I used country redwood paint as a base color. I used a frisbee and traced it out in the center(left and right) but went off center (up and down). It wasn't anything exact. I left that inside of that circle white and put tape around the edges to keep the border white too. I didn't make a perfect circle with the paint because I knew I would make a border around that circle too.

Step 3: Lettering

I drew the lettering on by tracing the letters that I printed. the front of the Hogwarts express has the letters just like this so I blew up a picture and traced them. After tracing them, I cut them out and drew them on the sign.
I started painting the letters in immediately. I used yellow paint and mized a very small amount of red in. This creates a gold hue, however, It dried more yellow than when I painted it.
Craft stores also sell paint markers, that is probably a much easier solution.

Step 4: Borders

I used the frisbee again and redrew my circle. I also drew another circle around that one with the frisbee by angleing my pencil away from the frisbee. I painted this in with the same gold paint that I used for the letters. I also took off my tape around the whole sign and painted in the borders with the same paint. The circle isnt perfect because i was rushing. Being a firefighter requires me to drop what I am doing sometimes but don't rush if possible! I fixed it with the country redwood and more primer the next day when I had free time again.

Step 5: Numbering

I traced out the number and drew it on my sign. Once I painted it in black, I was done.

Step 6: Finished!

I will go over the whole all the yellow with an actual gold paint soon and clear coat it. But for now, I am done.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    now all you have to do is hang it up on a brick wall and convince people they need a good running start to get through to the platform .. hehehe