Platypus Sock Toy



Introduction: Platypus Sock Toy

This platypus sock toy has been inspired by Perry the Platypus - a favourite cartoon of my kids. It's a fun modification to an original sock monkey and an interesting way to use the 'freebie' aeroplane socks that I have collected over several long distance flights.

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Step 1: Materials and Equipment

3 x socks

Small piece white and black felt

Thread to match socks


Yarn scraps

Step 2: Create the Legs and Body.

Turn one sock inside out. Place down flat. Cut the band off the top, about 2cm.

Mark a centre line with pins, from the top of the sock until half way to the toe.

Step 3:

To create the legs, use the pins as a guide to stitch along one side and then down the other.

Leave a gap at the top (between the legs) to allow for filling.

Stitch the foot end of each leg closed. Curve the seam slightly to give a rounded edge to the foot.

Step 4:

Carefully cut between the two rows of stitching to create the legs.

Turn the platypus inside out through the gap.

Step 5: Fill

Fill the platypus using the gap left between the legs.

(Do not overfill, these socks will just keep stretching.)

Stitch the gap closed using slip stitch.

Step 6: Add the Bill.

Cut the toe off sock 2, approximately 3cm.


Pin the bill in place, as shown in photo above. Stitch using slip stitch.

Step 7: Add the Tail.

Cut the toe off sock 3, approximately 4cm.


Pin the tail to the back of the body, just above the legs, as shown in photo above.

Stitch in place using slip stitch.

Step 8: Add the Eyes.

Cut out eyes from white and black felt.

Stitch black pupils on to the white circles.

Stitch eyes in place using slip stitch. (Use white thread so that the stitching blends in.)

Step 9: Add Some Hair.

To give your platypus a little extra personality add some hair.

Cut two pieces of brown yarn, 5cm long.

Stitch to the top of the head. Tie firmly.

Split the yarn to give the hair a fluffy appearance.

Step 10: Create the Arms.

Place the remainder of sock 2 down flat.

Cut arms as shown above. They should be about half the length of the sock, and a little less than half the width.

Pin in half lengthwise, stitch with a curve on one end.

Step 11:

Fill arms.

Pin in place just below the bill on either side of the platypus.

Stitch using slip stitch.

Step 12: Done

Your platypus sock toy is complete.

Your kids will enjoy adding him to their collection.

Easily change the steps to create an original sock monkey or come up with your own designs.

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