Play DDR on Your Computer

Introduction: Play DDR on Your Computer

Anyone here love DDR? How would you like the freedom to play DDR, with a pad, or even just your fingers, on your computer? In this nifty instructable I will show you exactly how to do that.....even download song packs from your favourite DDR versions!

What You Will Need...

1. A Computer
2. Internet Connection

PS/2 to USB adapter (for using DDR pad)

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Step 1: Download the Program

The program we're going to be going to download here is called Stepmania... it is a wonderful program that functions just like DDR!

First, go to to

Click on the big "Download Now" button
if your computer blocks pop-ups, then you're going to have to hold the control button down to let it through.

If you're using Internet Explorer, when the window pops up to download, click RUN.

If you're using Google Chrome, in the bottom left hand corner, click save, wait for it to download, then click on it to run

Then, just go through the installation process...


:D Any questions now?
*falls over from exhaustion of typing an in depth description on How To Download.*

Step 2: Downloading Song Packs

Now, you should have two files... one that is "Play Stepmania 3.9"
and the other that is "Open Stepmania Program Folder"
Place these files somewhere convenient (such as your desktop)

The first one is the place where you will have to install the song files.
The second one runs the game.

Most of the time, you wont even have to do anything with the first folder to get more songs.
Most places give you these handy little files, called SMZIP packages, that install the songs automatically. Seeing as Stepmania doesn't come with any songs, you'll have to download some.

Here are some good packs.

Just click on the links to get to the next page, then left click to save the file to your desktop.

Step 3: Installing Song Packs

You should now see a SMZIP package file on your desktop.

All you need to do to install the songs inside of them is to double click on them.
They're pretty handy little files.

You should now have songs installed on stepmania!! start playing....

Step 4: How to Play Stepmania

Click that "Play Stepmania 3.9" file that we saved earlier.
It should load the songs, then start.
To navigate the menus, use the arrow keys and the enter key to select.

Step 5: Change Input Configuration

Stepmania is automatically configured to be played with the directional keys on your keyboard.
I personally prefer using the z, x, ., and / keys. It just feels better, and your hand doesn't feel so cramped.

To change this,
open stepmania,
go to options, then
config key/joy mappings.
Make it look like the screen seen below.

Step 6: :D

Stepmania should be now successfully installed on your computer.

You can either play now, or download more song packs. Or you could go show all of your friends the joys of Stepmania. Or you could continue to the next page.

Step 7: How to Hook Up a DDR Pad to Stepmania

To use a DDR pad with stepmania, you have to have a PS2 to USB adapter, with the correct drivers installed on your computer. I personally have never done this, but I've seen it done.
You might have to configure this in config key/joy mappings menu also...
These adapters are relatively easy to find (amazon, ebay, etc.) for around $5....make sure to read the customer reviews...

Step 8: More Place to Get Song Packs

this page has many sites where you can download packs. Or individual songs.
To install those, you have to copy them into the folder usually located at
C:\Program Files\StepMania\Songs
Just read the instruction file on that page for more help.

Happy Dancing!!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for posting this! The PS2 I inherited from a housemate died. I don't want to buy another PS2 since I'm not a gamer. This is a great option for me, I'll just have to get an adapter.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I'm having a problem with both double steps (<- ->,^ v), it either doesn't register when both direction keys is stepped on. Could you help?