Play DVDs With Your Sound System !

Introduction: Play DVDs With Your Sound System !

Did you ever wish to play Musik-DVDs or even Video-DVDs with your CD-Player or Sound System? Now you can - using this instructable you learn, how to connect a standard DVD-Player with your CD-Player. It´s really easy.

You need:
- CD-Player with Audio In
- DVD-Player
- adapter: 3,5mm stereo plug to 2 Chinch plugs (picture below)

Step 1: First Step

Plug in the 2 chinch jacks into the 2 female chinch audio out connectors at the DVD-Player.
Plug in the stereo jack into the audio in connector at your CD-Player.

Step 2: Enjoy

Turn on the CD- and DVD-Player.
Activate the function "Audio In" at your CD-Player.
Insert a DVD and enjoy the music!

My homepape:

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