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Introduction: Play Doh Cake | Play Doh Rainbow Cake With Playdough | PlayDoh Food

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Here is a video on how to make a playdoh rainbow cake. Do try it out after watching our video. Playdough sets enhance pretend play in kids. With a kid's imagination, play dough can be turned into number of things. Play doh set adds an extra sensory dimension into their play and it is not too messy to tidy up.

We at Toy Tasting, were struggling with some good playdoh food ideas. Suddenly, someone in the team recommended about the Playdoh rainbow cake. Then we started our journey of making a playdough cake. Have you ever played cake making games?

Let’s see how we made a rainbow cake from Play-doh. To make the cake playdoh of different colors would be needed. As it was a rainbow cake, we thought of taking the VIBGYOR colors. Take lots of playdoh of different colors and roll it flat. Make sure it is thick enough and even too. Cut it with a cutter, and follow the same process. Once all the layers are ready, place it on top of each other. To make the cheese cream frosting, take lots of white play-doh and roll it flat. This should be even and thinner than the layers of the cake.

Once it is rolled out, cover the cake with white playdough and cut the extra as shown in the video. Great! Your cake is ready. In order to decorate the cake, there are different ways of doing it and it also depends on your creativity. We decided to keep it simple, and rolled out two flowers with the help of playdough moulds. That’s it, now you can cut the cake and see the lovely layers that are present in the cake.

Do let us how you liked our video and try out this recipe. Don’t forget to share how you decorated your playdoh birthday cake.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice project, thanks for sharing! However, I do NOT recommend eating this, no matter how good it looks :)