Sophias Play Dress Goes to Party Dress

Introduction: Sophias Play Dress Goes to Party Dress

this dress can be for play or party ,

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Step 1: Layout

cut dress for size u need on paper then place on linen and lining cut two for front andtwo for back which are the same for now

Step 2:

sew each side together and then turn inside out leaving bottom open ,once each side done place together and sew up sides leaving shoulders open ,shoulders get held together with a button once dress is done

Step 3: Pockets

cut four squares out ,to make twqo pockets sew around 3 sides leaving one open to turn inside out ,once done tuck hem inside and press pin unto dress and sew around pocket placing the open side on the bottom to get sewed.

Step 4: Pockets in Place

Step 5: Shoulders

sew a button on shoulders to hold together

Step 6: Scarf

cut two of 40 inches long by 8 inches wide ,place wrong side out sew leaving one end open to turn rightside out ,sew along each .

Step 7: Finished Dress

Step 8: Scarf

sew along scarf leaving open one end to turn right side out then sew end .

Step 9:

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    3 years ago

    Very beautiful dress! Thanks for sharing your creation!