Dress Costume

Introduction: Dress Costume

Dress up can be so much fun! This no-sew dress is so easy that my 7 year old niece made it with only a little help from me.

It's big enough to fit over the clothes the child is already wearing.

The photos will be a mix of her work and a smaller scale paper example.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need
-2yrds fabric (in the store, fabric is always cut in double layers so it's really 4 yards)
-2 yards of ribbon
-Fabric glue (or if you prefer, you can sew it)
-Crayon or color pencil
-Cereal bowl (optional)

Step 2: Turn It Inside Out

With the inside out, fold the fabric in half so it's a square.

Step 3: Fold Again

Fold it in half again, the long way or "hot dog" way as little kids say.

Step 4: Sleeves

Next, measure 8 inches down from the top fold, and draw a dot.

From that dot, use the ruler to trace an 8 inch line into the fabric.

Step 5: Cut the Sleeves

Making sure to cut through all the the layers, cut along the line you just drew.

Step 6: Unfold

Then, open the fabric to a square again and fold one sleeve over

Step 7: Glue the Side

On the side, lift the top layer a little bit and glue the edges (green lines)

Step 8: Glue the Sleeve

Next, fold the sleeve back down. Lift the top layer and glue the inside edge (green line)

Step 9: Repeat

Repeat steps 7&8 on the other side.

Step 10: The Neck Hole

Now, fold the fabric in half again. Place the edge of the cereal bowl on the folded corner and trace it for a round shape.
Cut the piece off.

Step 11: Let It Dry

Lay it flat to dry. The glue we used only took about 10mins. Then, after it dries, turn it right side out.

Step 12: The Ribbon

Keep it laying flat and lay the ribbon on top. (We did our best at guessing to make sure the ribbon was even on both sides.)

Then, glue it all the way across the dress, right UNDER the sleeves. Be careful not to glue it on top of them.

Step 13: Play Dress Up!

Once it's dry, it's dress up time! You can tie it in different ways. Even the teens got on the fun!

Step 14: Thanks!

Thanks for checking out my Instructable! I hope it inspired you to create. And if it did, I'd appreciate your vote in the Dress Contest :)

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