Play House

Introduction: Play House

What did you make: I made a playhouse for my little brothers. My little brothers old playhouse was to small for him so i decided to make one that we could both play in.

How did you make it: I made the playhouse first by drawing out plans that had the dimensions of the floor, walls, door, and what the roof was going to be like. Then I followed my plans until I found out that I didn't have enough wood to use to make it. So, I had to redraw my plans the same way with the dimensions of the floor, walls, door, and roof. I then followed the plans until my playhouse for my brothers was complete. I also made a table to go inside of the playhouse. There is also carpeting in the playhouse.

Where did you make it: I made the playhouse in my backyard. I first made the floor, walls, and roof on the grass in my backyard. I then moved the playhouse (with adult help) to the concrete slab up by my house.

What did you learn:  I learned what it would be like to be in the engineering and construction industry. I learned about the engineering industry because I learned what it is like to make blue prints for houses and buildings. Making the plans for the playhouse were very difficult it took me over an hour to draw up the dimensions and what it was going to look like. I learned that the engineering industry requires a lot of thinking and math skills. learned about the construction industry because I got to experience what it would be like to work in the construction industry. I learned that construction is very hard work!

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