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Introduction: Play Kitchen

My wife and I inherited my family’s old entertainment center in college. We have been toting it around with us for years saying we would eventually re-do it. After we had our daughter my wife found some things on pintrest and thought “Instead of paying $800 for the really pretty Pottery Barn one I’ll make our own play kitchen.” We like DIY projects anyway, I feel like it is better quality and it means more.

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Step 1: Start

Here is the almost before picture. (I had already added a back piece before the wife said she wanted pictures of all the steps.) I measured everything out and made a rough sketch of what we wanted and then I just jumped into building it.

Step 2: Fridge

For appliance doors we used magnetic paint from lowes so that magnets could be used on the outside and then painted it all white. (my wife didnt like the idea of an actual mini fridge addition which I thought was awesome.) We added a shoe rack to the door for storage space as well. We attached the doors with simple hinge hardware

Step 3: Stovetop and Burners

We used real stove burners for the oven. I cut out a piece of wood so it was raised a little and rounded the edges with a router. My wife took a picture of our real stovetop and printed out the picture and modge podged it onto the wood cutout for the burner color. I cut the burners flat and glued them to the surface. The knobs we got for free from a local hardware store.

Step 4: Curtains/Window View

My wife purchased fabric from Walmart and made curtains to hang on the "window" side of the kitchen. The opening is a picture we took on our recent trip to the Big Island of Hi. I had it blown up at Walmart to 20 x 24. It is of Akaka Falls. This can be changed to whatever location our kids want.

Step 5: Finished

We painted the fridge and dishwasher white and sprayed the inside of the oven with metallic sliver spray paint. The sink is just a small salad bowl and the sink receptacles were from Walmart for a few bucks. The dishwasher rack is a simple drying rack we also purchased.The countertop is a laminate you cut to make whatever size you want and stick it right to the surface for a nice clean countertop look.

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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago on Step 5

    WOW! this is amazing you guys! Good work. My daughter would love something like this.


    4 years ago

    Very creative and such an awesome way to repurpose!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is so cute! Way better than the plastic playschool version.


    4 years ago

    I just talked my husband into making this for our granddaughter. Thanks for the idea, and instructions.