Play Mp3s on 70 Year Old Record Player-no Permanent Alterations

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What Ive basically done is set up a mono connection between the MP3 or Media source of your choosing, your computer, Cassette esk, walkie-talkie, and directly hot wired it to the speaker via alligator clamps.

As always, tutorial/demo video:

PLEASEif you watch it, follow this link and rate it, if you have a youtube account, Subbs are GREATLY APPRECIATED:

Step 1: Schematic

We are going to hit wire this by making a cable that directly links the media source with the speaker.

According to the diagram below, if you have a stereo plug, you want to combine the signal of the left and right channel together, connect this to one alligator clamp. then take the ground connection, and attach it to another alligator clamp.

(Clamp connection to speaker in next step)

Step 2: Application:

You want to take the two alligator clamps and attach them to the closest leads coming out of the speaker possible, but one the outside of the speaker, do not connect it to the small wires that run from the small board in the picture below to the paper of the speaker! The ones that go between the metal supports and the speaker paper are off limits for this project!!


Ensure that they are well insulated clamps from surrounding metal, such as the near by magnet, so the magnet does not draw them to touch each other, or touch something conductive, and short! Do not work with live wires, have it unplugged fro your media source.

Step 3: Play Your Media

Older speakers will not be abe to push much volume, it will cut out if you try and give it too much juice.

you can probably work safely at 50%-65, maybe 75% volume on a standard music player at a normal volume track.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Now what do you mean by "Older speakers will not be abe to push much volume"? I have a pair of speakers from 1950 and I have shattered a window with them. (I just wanted to "see" what they could do and I had ear protection.) Just so you know, my audio source was a 1982 Soundesign cassette/am/fm radio/8-track/record player. The music was a mid-1950's Fats Domino album, the song was "I'm Walking."

    3 replies

    I meant these...this*, mono, not stereo, speaker, used in this style of record player dates to the early 30's and late 20's, and can not handle too much amps, at risk of wither the volume cutting out due to the material vibrating too much, because they did not have the technology/ability available in 1925-1930 to strech the paper/fabric to the tautness that they could with your speaker from the 50's, no doubtingly 20-30 years later they refined ways of making electro magnets stronger and smaller, also, the material used to make the speaker its self, whether paper or fabric is most likely dry rotten, or exposed to over humidity, and is brittle, so too much vibration caused by too loud volume in a 60-80 year old speaker can tear its self. but congratz on your speaker. Hope it was a spare window hahaha.

    Jords001mr monoply33

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    The device won't be able to push out too much in this set up anyway as it is plugged into your ipod, making it passive and not powered as it will only go as loud as the ipod lets it . Understandable if plugged into an Amplifier though.

    mr monoply33Jords001

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I tried to put a small amp into it, but it can't handle much power. The amp in the Mp3 is sufficient enough to hear this on the oter side of the house at 85%. 100% volume is too much for the poor old speaker. Really, this is just here as food for thought. I put up stuff mainly as a springboard for others to improve on. I was using this as my computer's speaker until my motherboard fried when my power unit decided my processor fan was unimportant. If you would do something like...wire a FM receiver into it, not a full radio, but just the receiver, yeah, you'd get just a whisper. For the most part, everything I plugged in was able to get the volume loud enough to work well.


    you could add a ipod with remote control so the wire wouldnt be sticking out but i like this since it doesnt damage the record player.