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Introduction: Play Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst

In this Instructable I aim to have you Playing Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst Online for Free! Despite the fact that SEGA publicly shut down their servers a few years back

I Will also show you the basics of playing the game, too. As the somewhat poor Japanese - English translation doesn't half make things awkward :D

I will be creating a 'Dummy' Account to use with these steps which i shall name: "InstructableDude"

Step 1: A Private Server!? Yay!

As if a blessing from some kind of God, A Group of human peoples got together and hacked into the game (For the greater good) and created a server, they effectively brought the game back into existence!

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click 'Download' and select the first one in the List. Click 'Run'. While that's downloading, let's do Step 3.

Step 3: Click 'Register', then click the 'Register, Create a SCHTHACK Blue burst account' Picture.

Step 4: Enter the Code into the ReCaptcha, enter your Desired Username / Password and your E-mail Address.

Step 5: Find the e-mail in your Inbox (Check your junk folder, too!) Follow the link

Upon activation, it will give you your Guild Card Number, and some text that makes it sounds like the Guild card is the most important thing ever. It really isn't. Not only do you not NEED to remember it, but in the event you do need it, it can be easily found again. so, dont worry about that.

And now you wait for your Download to finish...

Step 2: Installation

When the download finishes, run the .exe, and follow the steps, it's a textbook Installation.

Step 1: Follow the steps

Step 2: When the installation finishes, check your desktop, there should be a Shortcut there, double click that

Step 3: That program you just should have made 'Online.exe' appear onto your desktop, If it isn't there, go to program Files and check your 'Phantasy Star Online' folder, should be there. Good times? If not, post a comment on here to ask me (lots of things can go wrong), or check on SCHTSERVs forum.

Step 4: Double Click Online.exe

Step 5: Press 'Start'


Step 3: Starting Game & Creating a Character

Okay, you've installed everything and are looking at the Game Screen, from here on, this instructable is optional to follow. Everything here is either self-explanatory, or easy to grasp with experimentation

At the main screen with the rotating circles, press Enter, and you should have a small menu, Scroll Down to Register UserID using the arrow keys and press enter, then enter your login details from SCHTSERV. You should now be staring (Voraciously?) at the screen in the First Picture.

Hit 'Start Game'! :D

Hit 'Enter' Again at the Status Screen.

After a brief Loading Screen (Which is commonly named the 'Matrix' Screen) you should be taken to a menu With four blank Boxes, each saying 'New Character' Press enter on any one of them. Now you get a Cinematic. Hooray, I've never seen the cinematic. I've always skipped it, i advise you do the same, it's so tedious.

Okay, IMPORTANT BIT, Character Type selection

There are Three Character Types, and each has 4 Sub-types.

HUNTER (HU): They are Better With Blades and such, and Have a Decent Balance of all the Stats. Good for Beginners. They start off easy and get gradually More difficult

RANGER (RA): These Guys like GUNS. If you like Guns, you like these guys. They are for People who feel they're okay at Grasping game mechanics quickly enough. They start of Averagely Difficult and stay like that.

FORCE (FO): NO, they aren't Jedis, they mainly use Magic, Magic can be used to Burn things, Freeze things, Stop things moving, heal yourself and allies etc. I Recommend only people who can grasp Game Mechanics Quickly use these guys, as They start off Difficultly, and get easier.

Once you've picked that, you have a Sub-type to pick... oh choices, choices.

The 4 types are...

(??)mar: Human, Male. They are the Regular Type. Just what you'd expect them to be. All Humans can use Magic (Just Forces are betters with it)

(??)newearl/Marl: Same as Male, except Female, see?

(??)Cast/Caseal: Okay, So you want to play as an Android? These guys are good for beginners. They are immune to status effects, Can Auto-heal themselves (VERY SLOWLY) Whilst standing still, but cannot use ANY kind of magic whatsoever. Also, Robots are cool.

Personally, for my first character, I Picked a FOmar :D

Step 4: Make Your Character an Individual!

Okay, for the purposes of this step, I Made a HUmar. A Male Human Hunter.

Look at the Yellow Boxes on the Picture, they'll explain each part. I'm starting to get really lazy at this point.

Step 5: Okay, Find a Server, Then Start a Game! :o

Right, after creating your character you will be brought to the screen in the first picture... I recommend the Skyline server, as it is the Most Stable, but in the event that the amount of people in Skyline is above 250, don't go in. You wont be able to get a game.

Once you have selected a Ship, select a block out of either 01 or 02, not a difficult choice, and it doesnt matter which you pick.

Upon selecting a block, you will finally get to do some gameplay!!! :D (Picture two)

WASD - Move around
Up Key - Centre Camera (USEFUL)
Enter / Down key - Interact
Space - Start Chatting
F12 - Menu
F1 - List of buttons (USEFUL)

Now that you're in, move your Nooby posterior to the front desk, and talk to the nice NPCs behind it, to start a game, go to...

Organize Party --> Create a Party --> Select Username --> Select Password (Optional) --> One Player If you plan on Playing alone --> Register


Step 6: You Are Now Playing Phantasy Star: Blue Burst.

I'm not gonna show you what's what. All i aimed to do with this instructable was get you playing this awesome game.

Whether or not I Make an Instructable explaining game stuff in the future is all down to my laziness.


If anybody wants to party up with me just message me or leave a comment here :3

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    14 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Great! I searches for a way to play it in a Party with friends with an emulator. But this is so easy XD


    9 years ago on Introduction

    is the best link for the game.


    To those who getting the create map error

    Delete the shortcut on the desktop and make a new shortcut by right-clicking on "online.exe" in the PSO folder. Once done, you can move the shortcut to the desktop.  That should fix it.


    11 years ago on Step 2

    i tried redownloading it but it still says cannot create file map something blah blah :( I NEED HELP!!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hey Zideeane, how come when it say that its updating it says it fails and i found the online.exe, i clicked start and it says it failed? What should I Do.


    11 years ago on Step 2

    i opened up the launcher but it just says cannot create file/date_mapcit02_00_00o_s.dat. should i try to redownload or did i download the wrong thing?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I have a big question. Does this work on macs, more specifically tiger?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    haha i love this game, i really liked 1+2 the best though. i can't believe i sold my game cube, i was on like level 126


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Woah, must've taken ALOT of playing :D I'm only level 56 on this.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    yeah it did. I swear i had like oIver 200 hours put into that game