Play Music by Test Tube (Water Music Organ )

Introduction: Play Music by Test Tube (Water Music Organ )

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1.You need 6 test tube .
2. You need a marker .

Step 1: Denote Test Tube

2.Denote the test tube and put water in them , alike picture .

Step 2: Music Notes

There are C - B notes ( Do - Re - Me - Fa - Sol - La - Si )

Step 3: Fill Them From Water and Play Music !

Then fill the test tube UP TO marker plane , and play music !!!



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    10 Discussions

    I remember one day when my three brothers and I began tapping everything on the kitchen table with a spoon, making wind chime noises until our Father objected.

    3 replies

    I did some thing similar and found that 3 of my glasses that had PERFECT "B" "A" and "G" notes. they did better then my piano!

    You need to tell us the length of the air-columns above the water, since that is what gives the note.

    A word on playing would be nice as well.

    And in step 1, you mean "put", not "infution".

    2 replies

    Actually, I believe it's the vibrating glass that is not touching the water that makes the note, because the water supresses the ability of the glass to ring, and you would have to test them against a pitch pipe or some other source of actual predetermined pitch.

    Thats's if you are playing the tubes by rubbing a wetted finger around the top, but you're not.

    These are blown, like pan-pipes.