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Introduction: Play With Makeblock MDrawBot – MScara

Recently I get a surprise gift from my friend in Makeblock, per manual it's a 4-in-1 drawing robot, call mDrawBot.

What a surprise, I see it's just launch on Kickstarter yesterday~

(8/22 update: it's on sale now! Come here:

Ok, you are my real friend! BAH A LA LA LA LA~~~

Step 1: Get Started~Open Box!

Recently I get a surprise gift from my friend in Makeblock. Just open it, duang duang!!~O(∩_∩)O~

It’s a blue box, similar size with shoe box, dual floors, placed some blue aluminum hardware, boards, tools, screws, cables...

Ok, it’s a drawing robot called mDrawBot!

I love comics, even tried to dawn the paint in picture album when I was a kid, but I’m not good at that. Looks like I can find a new way to draw those lovely characters~

Step 2: Assemble - Pen Lift Mechanism

Now I get my hands ready to build this little robot. I received a step by step assembling manual which is quite clear as well. mDrawBot can be assembled into 4 configurations, each named as mScara, mSpider, mEggbot and mCar. I decide to start with mScara.

I did some research, the SCARA acronym stands for Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm or Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm, so I think mScara is a drawing robot arm.

The first part is the Pen Lift Mechanism, which is a common part in 4 configurations. I find out components I need, and made it succesfully, how exciting! What I need to do is put things together with screws, and a robot will come out! ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Step 3: Assemble - Base Support

The second part is the base support. I have to be very carefully to assemble those blue aluminum parts. I made some mistakes can doubled the time to fix it. But after one hour I did it. It’s amazing to see pieces became parts of a robot. I’m dying to see how this work. ^_^

Step 4: Assemble - Arm

Metal beams, plates, wheels, motors, screws, one more hour and I finally finished the assembling.

Look, this is my mScara~

Step 5: Wiring

Wiring is easier than I think. RJ25 cables is a famous advantage of Makeblock, it only takes seconds to connect those RJ25 cables, hope one day the wiring of stepper motors will get easier, too.

With hours of work, I finally get my robot! Here we go the best part, draw with it!!

Step 6: Drawing - MDraw

Here I use the software mDraw to control this robot, mDraw is designed for mDrawBot by Makeblock.

It’s a quite friendly software, no setups. Choose port to connect, click “update firmware” button, and then open a SVG picture to draw it out.

I started with some samples provided together with this robot. Here is my first work.

Step 7: Keep Drawing

mScara did it’s work but it’s not very good this time. So I tightened some screws, and choose a car and a coin to draw.

Lines and circles looks good, however, the pen left lots of traces when it’s lifted and put down which is annoying. I think I might put the pen too low, so I adjust the position of pen.

Step 8: Hello, Doreamon~

I download somepictures online and convert them into SVG files with a online tool. The quivering lines is not because of robot, it’s just how the picture turns out. Wish I can find a way to fix those converted file.

Whatever, hello Doreamon~ I finally got you~ It takes around 7 minutes to draw a Doreamon, it’s soooo cute. ^_^

I have a good time with this wonderful robot during the holiday. Let’s try another configuration next time, I’m dying to see beatiful eggs with mEggBot in Easter day!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, pretty cool!

    If you uploaded some detailed instructions on how to build this kit, that would make a great instructable.